“When I graduated from dental school in the 70’s I had always had good teeth and excellent oral hygiene. Nevertheless, I was very sensitive about my misaligned front teeth and particularly concerned about a badly discolored upper front tooth that had been injured years before playing football.

As the years passed things seemed to grow worse, until finally my wife couldn’t take it any longer. She said that as a dentist my smile reflected poorly upon the profession and she insisted that we do something. Having seen dentistry in thousands of mouths over the years I wasn’t about to let just anyone work in my mouth, but Dr. Robert Howard was an old friend and someone in whom I had real confidence.

We made an appointment. As he does with all his patients, Robert did a thorough examination, made meticulous records, and developed a plan designed to give us the results that we were seeking. Dr. Howard patiently guided me through a course of treatment including orthodontics, bleaching, and anterior crown work. As a patient, I was thrilled with the results.

As a dentist I found my visits with Robert to be among the most enjoyable and instructive experiences of my professional career. In my opinion Dr. Howard is certainly one of the finest dentists in the state, probably the finest in south central Alabama. Any patient genuinely concerned about their oral health and the appearance of their smile could not do better than to select Dr. Robert Howard as their dentist.”

– Marvin M. Hewlett Jr., DDS Greenville, AL

“Dear Dr. Howard, I would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent dental care you have provided to me over twenty-five years. Through six-month check-ups, extractions, fillings, crowns, braces and onlays, I have always received what I felt to be the highest quality of service because of your knowledge and your pursuit of the latest techniques in dentistry.

The professionalism you and your staff practice have been combined with patience and with concern for my comfort and health. The quality of your work has also been recognized by your peers. When I had to be referred for gum surgery, that doctor could not say enough nice things about the quality of the dental work he saw in my mouth. I understand that he even sent his wife to you after seeing my dental work. Because of you and your staff, I can smile with confidence and have the assurance that the care you provide is making my good dental health possible.”

– Sincerely, Julia Dillard

I have been a patient of Dr. Howard’s for twenty four years. I needed major work on my teeth at that time. I had broken one of my front teeth off and had missing teeth on all four sides. Within a short time he had finished all my bridge work including a root canal. I now have a smile that I am proud of and all my teeth look original. Since that time when I go in for my regular checkups all I have to do is get them cleaned. Dr. Howard is one of the best.

– Sylvia G.

Dear Doctor Howard,
What does it mean to me to have a smile that I don’t think I have to hide with my hand or keep my lips closed? EVERYTHING! As I grew up, I always attributed my lack of self-confidence to my looks, and the problem with my looks always, always came back to my smile. Small teeth, wide spaces, lots of gum. The first time I visited your office, you told me I could have a beautiful smile. Now, I wonder why it took me so long. Now when I walk into a room, I can actually smile at people and not feel so awkward wondering what people are thinking of me. I really don’t care, because I am confident. FINALLY- it only took 52 years! (Oops, don’t think I was supposed to tell my age when I had it done.) I have even had people tell me that they have noticed a definite change in my personality.

I have a more caring and giving spirit. And I know why. I’m not afraid of people anymore. Does that make sense? I have the confidence to actually reach out to people and not back off because of what I think they are thinking of my smile (actually my teeth). That my sound so silly to people who have never had to deal with the issue of wanting to hide your teeth.

But I can tell you from experience, having a smile you’re confident in, makes you as a person more confident; and it can totally change your outlook on life and your life! Thank you, Doctor Howard and staff. You are wonderful.

– Charlene Schieferstein -Tallassee, Alabama

Knowing how busy
Your own life is
Makes your thoughtfulness
Even more special.

* There are not many doctors/dentists (Let me rephrase that…there aren’t “any!”) who would go to the greatest length in making house calls to make sure their patients are okay. You are a “God-sent” man and you are Truly Blessed!

– Love, Dedrenia Patterson

I have had a fear of the dentist since I was a young boy. Because of this I often put off visits to the dentist until it was well past due. I finally got to the point that I had to have some serious work done on my teeth. Some of the members of the church where I preach recommended Dr.Howard, so I made an appointment. That proved to be a very good decision.

Dr. Howard made my visit and following treatment a good experience for me. Not to mention the wonderful care I received from both he and his staff.

My work involves being in the public much of the time and so my appearance is important. Dr. Howard restored not only my smile but a great deal of confidence as well. I highly recommend him to all in need of such service.

– Jon D. Hackett – Pulpit MinisterM

Dr. Howard and his staff are PERFECTIONIST, he does not stop until it is perfect. The one thing I liked about his office they make you feel at home, I just can’t say enough about these wonderful people. SO if you’re looking for a dentist where ever you live come to Troy and see Dr. Howard if would be well worth the drive.

– Kathy Sloane